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Youth from BP displays their achievements in promoting SDGs at 2022 UN Day

【Source:Youth from BP displays their achievements in promoting SDGs at 2022 UN Day | Update:2022-10-27 】

To mark the 77th United Nations Day, the United Nations in China held the Dialogue on Youth Solidarity and Engagement in accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the invitation of the United Nations Children's Fund(UNICEF),Beijing Polytechnic as the only vocational college representative participated in the exhibition, which is part of the whole activity.

The booth of BP focused on“Youth Skills Development”, displaying the school how to cultivate students’Green Skills and its efforts in promoting the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. With the organization of the International Office and the cooperation of the secondary Schools, the preparation work went well. At the exhibition, student representatives from Automotive Engineering School, Bio-engineering School and Art&Design School displayed their“Green Skills”and demonstrated some of their learning achievements, such as using waste cloth to make exquisite handicrafts, producing biogas by straw fermentation and designing car models remoted by Bluetooth. The exhibition works of the students attracted attention of Chinese and foreign guests, with so many people gathering around the boot of BP. Some guests wonderd that a small piece of discarded cloth could make such delicate works of art; some foreign guests appreciated the 3D Printed car models; some were  interested in the advanced fermentation device. The booth of BP became one of the highlights of this exhibition.

The students' exhibition won the praise of Chinese and foreign guests, and was highly recognized by the UNICEF in China. This activity not only demonstrated the vitality of students in Chinese vocational school, but also expanded the "circle of friends" at home and abroad for Beijing Polytechnic. While admiring the students' skills, the guests appreciated the efforts Chinese vocational colleges made to cultivate students' "Green Skills", and praised the contribution of Chinese vocational  education in promoting SDGs, which confirmed the saying that"vocational education is promising and has a broad future ".

In the future, school will strive to build more international exchange and cooperation platforms to demonstrate the charm of Chinese youth as well as the achievements of Chinese vocational education.