School of Bio-engineering

There are 16 faculty members in the department, of which 57% are PhDs. The group is composed of two Beijing Academic Leaders, two Beijing Famous Teachers, one Beijing Outstanding Young Scholar, and is titled as Beijing Professional Innovation Team and Beijing Academic Innovation Team. It’s on-campus practice base is a national-level one, as well as a Beijing demonstration vocational training base, with 13 training rooms equipped with a variety of advanced analysis and testing instruments, covering an area of 1,5000 m2. There are a number of food processing pilot- plants, such as bakery, beer, wine, beverage, dairy product, functional food processing, coffee making, food analysis and testing center. Each plant occupies 100-120 m2, which can accommodate about 30 students. A lot of national training programs have been successfully conducted by Food Technology Department, for example, coffee making, beverage and dairy production and bakery. A training program of food processing for the Belt and Road developing countries authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of China and China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries Co., LTD was held from August to November 2019. 196 foreign students from 28 countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia and Cuba participated in the training. Students learned both the history and the processing of traditional Chinese food such as moon cake, steamed bread and donkey roll.

(Update  Aug 15, 2022)