School of Art & Design

The School of Art and Design consists of majors of Digital Media Art and Design (Media Convergence Arts Design, Visual Communication Design); Radio, Film and Television Program Production (Film and Television Program Production, Film and Television Animation, Smart Technology Magic); Environment Art Design (Interior Design, Household Product Design), Clothing Design and Crafts (Film Costume Design, Fashion Design), etc. With the aim of serving the market demand of Beijing cultural industry, the School pays equal attention to art and technology and compatibility of culture and art. It has cultivated batches of talents with advanced technical skills in art design and application who can design, master technology, and make art products. Over the years, specialties’ group on art and design has taken the road of integration of national culture and professional construction, taking Chinese intangible cultural heritage as the teaching carrier, inheriting and innovating Chinese excellent traditional culture through digital protection, education, application and setting up platforms.

From 2013 to 2019, it completed the construction and upgrading work of the project of the country’s "National Cultural Heritage and Innovation Professional teaching repository -- Chinese Traditional Metal and Clay Sculpture Arts and Crafts Sub-library". In 2019, it built Beijing Zhong Liansheng Cloisonne Technical Skills Studio. It has effective cooperation between government, schools and enterprises, fully docks with the cultural industry, builds a multi-platform for national cultural dissemination, inheritance, transformation, and development, and forms a long-term mechanism for national cultural inheritance and innovation.

(Update  Aug 15, 2022)