School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has102 teachers, including 5 professors, 37 associate professors, and 12 doctors. The School currently offers majors covering mechatronics technology, mechanical manufacturing and automation, heating and ventilation and air-conditioning engineering technology, intelligent building engineering technology, aircraft mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance, aircraft electronic equipment maintenance, and electrical technology. The School pays attention to school-enterprise cooperation, and has in-depth cooperative relationships with advanced manufacturing companies such as Bosch Rexroth (China) Co., Ltd., SMC (China Co., Ltd.), GE General Aviation and Sanitation Co., Ltd., Goldwind Group, and Institute of Comprehensive Technology and Economics of Machinery Industry Instrumentation, The School has a modern apprenticeship center in the enterprise. The specialties’ group on intelligent manufacturing technology of high-end equipment was approved as a high-level specialties’ group with distinctive features in Beijing.

(Update  Apr 1, 2023)