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Chinese Language teaching starts online smoothly

【Source:Chinese Language teaching starts online smoothly | Update:2022-09-16 】

Since the beginning of the semester, Chinese language teaching has been implemented smoothly. In the year 2021, there are totally 101 international students coming from 18 countries including Belarus, Ukraine, Vietnam, Pakistan, Morocco and so on. Different types of courses are provided: Spoken Chinese, Chinese listening, Chinese grammar and Elementary Chinese. The Chinese language teaching team consists of 12 teachers, mainly from the Sinology Department and the English Department of Beijing Polytechnic.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced a shift to online teaching and learning, BP has attached great importance to the Chinese language online teaching by ensuring a smoothly-run operation of the online teaching platform, strengthening the supervision and assessment of the teaching quality, and coordinating the difficulties and problems encountered by teachers and students in the teaching process. With joint efforts, the international students can study Chinese in a timely and effective manner.